Tri Groove Sheet Metal

Tri Groove Sheet Metal

Tri-groove sheet metal security screws are installed, removed and reused with a special wrench that permits access to recessed mountings or deep channels. 

They can be used when there is no access to the fastening from the side. 

These are zinc plated steel Tri Groove sheet metal screws that work in wood and thin metal surfaces. 

Be sure to order a socket to fasten the security screws. The TGSS10 socket works with all 1/4" sheet metal screws. 

If you need a driver for the screw sockets, we offer a screwdriver (TGD10) and power drill adapter (TGDA10). The TGSS10 Tri-groove screw socket will fit standard 1/4" drivers. 

Tri-Groove Prices

Purchase Options
#14(1/4)x3/4" 100ea $22.51
#14 (1/4)x1" 100 ea $25.37
#14 (1/4)x2" 100 ea $37.46