Tufnut Washers protect surfaces from damage when a Tufnut is used on the front face of a sign assembly. Oversized Nylon washers are designed to fit under the base of a Tufnut to prevent damage by abrasion as the nut is tightened.

The 1.5-in OD washers form a wide seal over the bolt hole when the nut is tightened. This keeps water out of the spaces between the fasteners, sign and post, extending the life of the sign and the fasteners.

Tufbolt Washers protect a sign face from Tufbolt head abrasion. This extends sign life by preventing "mushrooming" around the bolt head caused by moisture getting between the sign face and substrate material

1-in OD nylon washers have a high compressive strength and will not snap when fitted tightly beneath a steel Tufbolt. The softer nylon of the washers grips the serrated underside of the Tufbolt's head and seals around the bolt hole, excluding moisture from narrow spaces around the fastening.

Carriage Bolt Adapters allow use of any length carriage bolt where you would otherwise use a Tufbolt. Made of black Nylon, they are designed to prevent the head of the bolt from being grasped and turned.

The adapters raise the neck of a carriage bolt so it doesn’t touch the sign face or work surface. This creates a buffer between bolt and surface, preventing the damage that carriage bolts can cause to the surface of a sign.

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