Multiple Options

We provide a variety of theft-resistant sign security hardware that can protect all kinds of property from theft.

Easy Installation

Tufnut anti-theft fasteners install with regular tools, yet can't be removed!

Cut Costs

Tufnut security fasteners protect signs from being illegally "recycled" and cut the cost of replacing stolen signs.


Tufnut Security Nuts

Tufnut Steel Security Fasteners are installed with regular tools. They can be installed as tightly as desired but are removable for maintenance, and are REUSABLE. Tufnut tamperproof fasteners are fully adjustable, to give you complete control over how tightly your property is secured.

Tufnut Washers

Tufnut Washers protect surfaces from damage when a Tufnut is used on the front face of an assembly. Oversized Nylon washers (1.5-in OD) fit under the base of Tufnut security fasteners to prevent damage by abrasion as the antitheft nut is tightened. Available in White or Black.

Sign Security Hardware

A variety of sign security fasteners complements our Tufnut antitheft fasteners and security bolts, including one-way screws and tri-groove screws that can be used for wood or metal fastenings. 

One-way bolts and screws are versatile sign security fasteners that can be installed using standard flat-head drivers. These tamperproof fasteners cannot be removed with the same drivers. Tri-groove security screws require a special socket driver for installation and removal.

Tufbolt Security Bolts

Tufbolt Security Bolts are steel carriage bolts (Grade 2 ) without a square neck beneath the head. They are useful for metal-to-metal fastenings where the square neck of a regular carriage bolt won't fit into a drilled hole. On a sign installation, the Tufbolt anti theft bolt does not damage the bond between the reflective sheeting and the substrate.