Tufbolt Systems for U-Channel and square metal posts combine Tufbolts, Tufbolt washers, and Tufnut security nuts in one package.

These systems simplify the task of erecting multiple signs at a time and are ideal for road crews, where running out of one component can turn one day of installations into two. Tufbolt systems give you all the parts you need in equal proportions, taking the guess work out of road work.

Tufscrew Systems replace lag bolts where security is needed. They include driver nuts for the Tufscrews, and Tufnut security nuts with washers.

The Tufscrews have a machine screw thread on one end and a wood screw thread in the other. This lets you drive the screws into wood surfaces where a bolt can't be used. You then secure your signs or property using a Tufnut security nut on the machine screw end. Tufscrew systems make it easy to add security fasteners to wall-mounted signs or fixtures.

Tufbolt Security Sets which contain all the Tufnuts, Tufbolts, and Tufbolt washers needed to secure one sign. The sets are sold by the 50 count and are useful at sites where signs are added or relocated regularly or for distributing with signs that will require security fasteners.

Wood Post Sign Assemblies contain Tufnuts, Tufnut Washers, Carriage Bolt Adapters, and 6" Carriage Bolts.

Unlike standard U-channel metal sign posts, 4" x 4" wood sign posts are too thick for the available range of Tufbolts used with our standard security fastener sets. For these systems we substitute a 6" carriage bolt with adapter for the Tufbolt, making it possible to secure signs mounted on thick posts and raising the square bolt neck off the sign surface to prevent damage.

Here's How The Tufnuts Work . . .

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