One Way Screws

One Way Screws

One way security screws can be used to secure anything that can be screwed down. 

They are fastened with a regular screw driver, but cannot be removed because of the curved surfaces on the screw head. These curves allow a flat bladed screw driver to grip the head of the screw in the driving direction but not in the removing direction. 

These screws are Type AB thread forming screws commonly used in thin metal or wood. 

A one way unscrewdriver is available for removing these screws, although we only sell the tools to our previous users. If you need the unscrewdriver tool, please give us a call to place your order at 1 (800) 227-0949.

Purchase Options
#14 (1/4)x1/2" 25 ea $7.74
#14 (1/4)x3/4" 25 ea $8.75
#14 (1/4)x1.0" 25 ea $9.67
#14 (1/4)x1.5" 25 ea $11.41
#14 (1/4)x2.0" 25 ea $12.87