Breakaway Nuts

Breakaway Nuts

Vandlgard breakaway nuts are used when the 1" square base of the Tufnut is too broad to fit the fastening surface. In the 5/16 size, the base of the break away nuts is 5/8" 

Vandal guard tamper proof nuts are available in zinc, aluminum, or steel, and can be installed with regular tools, including socket wrenches. 

Upon tightening, the hex head shears off, leaving the conical nut base to protect your property. The part numbers of these nuts ending in "L" all break off at a low torque of 40-60 inch-pounds which is designed to be secure but will not dimple the sign from too much pressure. 

All other part numbers are for break away nuts with higher torque ratings designed for metal-to-metal or wood fastenings where torque is not a problem. All the break-off specs are included in the Breakaway Nut Specifications below. 

Standard metric sizes are available by quotation. Please call 1(800)227-0949 

These nuts are removable, although not re-usable once removed. 

Breakaway Nut Specifications pdf

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3/8-16 100 ea. $82.39