We offer a limited range of security screws that are useful for sign security, solar panel security, and anchoring computing and outdoor equipment.

One Way Screws are fastened with a regular flat screwdriver but cannot be removed without a special wrench.

These are useful in securing equipment or fixtures that are at risk for theft but are unlikely to be removed for maintenance or replacement. The screws have a self- tapping thread and can be mounted on sheet metal or wood.

One-way screws are the most economical of the three varieties of screws we offer, in part because they do not require the purchase of a special driver to install. Removal tools are available by request to existing customers.

Torx Security Screws can be fastened and removed with a Torx security driver.

This type of security screw is recommended for securing vulnerable items that will require periodic removal for service or replacement. These screws feature a uniquely shaped drive slot, and they can’t be installed or removed without the matching bit.

We stock a variety Torx screws with self-tapping threads that can be installed in pre-drilled holes in metal or wood. The screws can be reused. The drivers are available. Give us a call !

Tri-Groove Security Screws can also be fastened, removed, and reused. 

They use a special socket which works with a standard 1/4" square driver. We carry 1/4-20 tri groove machine screws and #14 sheet metal screws in lengths ranging from 3/4" to 2 1/2".

Tri-Groove screws can be used to replace standard screws on equipment when you need to secure access to machine parts or to mount signs and fixtures in high-risk locations. The driver-mounted socket makes it easy for authorized personnel to install and remove the tri groove screws in recessed mountings or narrow channels.

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