"We have been very pleased with the quality of the Tufnut products you have supplied to the College over the last few years. They are proven to be easy to install, flexible in terms of removing equipment for servicing, and the most cost-effective security system I have been able to locate. As well, your prompt attention to filling my orders is always appreciated."

Michael Agrios, Emily Carr College

"Prior to using your Tufnut products, we were replacing anywhere from one to three signs a day due to vandalism in our parks. Since switching to your product, we have lost only one sign, and that was due to the fact that the entire sign was pulled from the ground. We were still able to retrieve the sign since it could not be removed from the post."

Richard Sizelove, Sacramento Parks & Recreation

"I had equipment stolen (everything) from MD office and then had the tufnut product installed. 2Mo and new equipment later, a repeat theft was attempted - they didn't get anything! I had to replace several cut printer, video, etc cables but this is a very small price of equipment and data value. A good product that your clients can install themselves."

Frank Fisk, 11/3/97 10:36 AM, Albuquerque

"If these nuts are installed properly, you will find that sign theft will drop drastically. The only problem we have now is vandalism or theft of signs and post together."

John Bunton, Caddo Parish Commission

"Tufnut does everything they claim it does."

J. Nierengarten, University of Wisconsin