Tufnut Security Nuts have four sloped sides, and are made of case hardened steel, which makes them impossible to grasp with hand tools. Installed with standard wrenches.

Breakaway Security Nuts have a round cone-shaped body that also can't be grasped. They have a smaller footprint then the Tufnut, and can be installed with a socket wrench.

Tri-Groove Security Nuts are also round and cone-shaped, but have three grooves that a custom socket fits so you can install and remove them.

Since we provide specialty security fasteners, our prices may be high compared to regular nuts & bolts. Our value to you is in what we can do for you out there on the road. We think if you try our stuff you'll find that it doesn't cost much to keep your problem signs where they belong, compared to the cost of having them missing.

You can often cut the cost of securing your signs by using just one security nut per sign post, which prevents removing the reachable fastening.

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Our customers say . . .

"Prior to using your Tufnut products, we were replacing anywhere from one to three signs a day due to vandalism in our parks. Since switching to your product, we have lost only one sign, and that was due to the fact that the entire sign was pulled from the ground. We were still able to retrieve the sign since it could not be removed from the post."
Richard Sizelove, Sacramento Parks & Recreation