Tufnut Speedwrench

Tufnut Speedwrench

The Tufnut Speedwrench speeds Installation time. You just run the Tufnut onto the bolt, finger-tight. Spin the wrench onto the bolt until it meets the nut. Turn to tighten, then spin the speed wrench off. 

The Speedwrench is used only for installing the nuts, and is usually used with high volume projects. 

For most installations, the regular two nut method is preferred because you can use a standard 7/8" open-end wrench. 

In all cases, the Tufnut is removed using the standard two-nut method. 

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Purchase Options
1/4-20 size 1 ea. $45.00
3/8-16size 1 ea. $45.00
1/2-13 size 1 ea. $47.00
M10 size 1 ea. $45.00