Tufbolt Security Bolts are carriage bolts without a square neck beneath the head. They are useful for metal-to-metal fastenings where the square neck of a regular carriage bolt won’t fit into a drilled hole.

On a sign installation, the Tufbolt does not damage the bond between the reflective sheeting and the substrate, extending the life of the sign by preventing "mushrooming" at the point of fastening.

One-Way Bolts are security bolts which can be held with a screwdriver to prevent turning during installation.

Carriage Bolts are recommended for use with Tufnut security hardware in all situations where the square neck is not a problem. The round head is difficult to grasp, while the square neck prevents the bolt from turning. We can supply them for you in all sizes if you cannot obtain them locally.

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Our customers say . . .

"If these nuts are installed properly, you will find that sign theft will drop drastically. The only problem we have now is vandalism or theft of signs and post together."
John Bunton, Caddo Parish Commission